SHE conference and EHCS subscription

Early bird registration for SHE conferenceThe early bird registration deadline is 15 June 2022 for ‘Going Places: Mobility, Migration, Exile, Space and Emotions’, the 3rd Biennial Conference of the Society for the History of Emotions, Florence, Italy, 30 August to 2 September 2022. 2022 Financial members of the North American Chapter on the History of Emotion are…

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“Heart to Heart: How Your Emotions Affect Other People”

Dear all My book “Heart to Heart: How Your Emotions Affect Other People” was officially released in the UK yesterday.If you are interested, electronic sample chapters are available free either from Amazon (in Kindle format) or from the Cambridge University Press web-site. Regards Brian ParkinsonDepartment of Experimental PsychologyUniversity of Oxford, UK

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History of Emotions Book Series

HISTORY OF EMOTIONS: A new book series The history of emotions offers a new and vital approach to the study of the past. The field is predicated on the idea that human feelings change over time and they are the product of culture as well as of biology. Bloomsbury’s history of emotions series seeks to…

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