Program, North American Consortium for the History of Emotion (NACHE) conference, June 3-4, 2022

 All sessions are held on the third floor of the Johnson Center, George Mason University, Fairfax Campus

June 3 (Friday)

Registration. 8: – 8:30

Welcome and Introduction   8:30

Session I 8:45-10:15

Ia East Asia Heather Martel, chair

Jisoo Kim, “Sexual Desire, Adultery and Gendered Subjects in Early Modern Korea
Shiau-Yun Chen, “Diseases of Jealousy in Seventeenth-Century China
Alison Bailey, “Choosing Death: Filial revenge, sympathetic textual communities, and forms of containment”

Ib Emotions and Built Space: architecture and materials Greg Castillo, chair 

Negar Goljan, “Atmospheric Expression: the architectural drawings of Etienne-Louis Boullee
Katherine Wheeler, “The Emotional Architecture of John Ruskin”
Vyta Pivo, “Emotive Materials, or why does hating concrete feel so good”

Session II 10:30-12:30

IIa .Emotion knowledge: epistemology and emotion  Ilaria Scaglia, chair   

Josephine Selander, “Zen as self-help. Neo-Freudians, Buddhist Modernism and emotion management in 1950s America.”
Annelie Drakman, “‘Authentic creativity’, an epistemic emotional regime.”
Leander Diener, “Emotion Knowledge for a Better World. On the Lessons in Neuro-Consciousness by Thérèse Brosse, 1930-1960.”
Manuel Merkofer, “The emotional records of a Swiss writer as a patient and the moral regime in the neurosurgical clinic in the late 1970s”

IIb  Ancient Mediterranean Caroline Richards, chair  

Tara Prakash, “(Blank) Faces of Fear and Rage: reading the emotions within ancient Egyptian Art: visualizing emotions in the past
Seth Estrin, “Looking for Emotion in Archaic Greek Art”
Atena Ungureanu, “The Role of Emotion, Time and Circles of Creative Interaction in the Design and Execution of Mourner Scenes in Egyptian Tombs in Thebes”
Nathanael Shelley, “My Swollen Liver (K-BOD): literary expressions of the mind-heart organ in Babylonian, Hebrew and Arabic texts”

Lunch  12:30-1:30

Session III 1:45-3:45

IIIa Emotion, Marriage and Family Peter Stearns, chair

Katrine Rønsig Larsen (presenting) and Karen Vallgårda, “Domestic Disputes and Disturbances: experiences of family violence in Denmark, 1970-1990”
Husseina Dinani, “Safeguarding Heshima: self-respect and aggression in marriages in colonial Tanzania”
Aparna Bandyopadhyay, “Carnality or Emotion: Western and Indigenous Discourses on Heterosexual Intimacy in Colonial Bengal” (prerecorded)
Eric H. Reiter, “Grief, Fatal Accidents and the Law: putting a price on emotions in Quebec, 1850-1920”

IIIb Ancient World Tara Prakesh, chair  

Marina Prusac-Lindhagen, “Table Set with Emotions: notes in the curating of the exhibition ‘Emotions in Antiquity and Ancient Egypt (2020-2025), Museum of History, Oslo”
Caroline Richard, “Digital Methods for Ancient Emotions History”

Session IV 4-5:30

IVa .Emotion, Genocide, Terror, and Paranoia Stanislav Tarasov, chair

Dennis Klein, “The Invisible third: the ascendant critique of bystanders and its Holocaust subtext in the 1960s”
Anna Grutza, “Why Men Become Evil and What is Evil in Man’: analyzing emotional roots of violence in socialist and communist regimes and the pathologizing of paranoia”

IVb  Adolescence, emotion and emotional regimes  Anna Pravdica, chair
Sharon Halevi, “’The Loveliest and most Beautiful Spot I Ever Beheld’: beauty, emotion, and American girls on the ‘Small Tour’, 1780-1835”
Fruma Zachs, “Biography as a Language of Emotions: Arab adolescents at the end of the 19th century”

Reception, dinner  Bistro (ground floor, Johnson Center   5:45—

June 4, Saturday

Session V: Business Meeting 8:30-9

Session VI 9:15-10:45

VIa  Emotions in Political and International Contexts Dennis Klein, chair

Kaitlin Pontzer, “Liars, Whores, and Papists: Anti-Jacobite Rhetoric and Affective Loyalty after 1688″
Stanislav Tarasov, “Fathers and Sons: Russian emotional culture of patriotism in the early 19th century”
Ilaria Scaglia, “Emotions as Realist Goals: a view from the history of interwar  internationalism”
Michele Greer, “A historical epistemological approach to the emotions of social protest”

VIb .Emotion and Religion: Part I Medieval and Reformation  Annelie Drakman, chair

Meghan Woolley, “Does Love Still Supersede Judgment? Love in the law from Leges Henrici Primi to Glanville”
Michael L. Monheit, “Calvin’s Analysis of the Religious Affections in the 1541 French Institutes”

Session VII 11-12  W. Gerrod Parrott, Psychology and Emotions History

Lunch, 12-1

Session VIII  1-2:30

VIIIa Crime, Warfare and Violence in 19th Century America  Susan Matt, chair

Daniel P. Kotzin, “’Navigating through the Emotions of War’: the diaries of soldiers during the Civil War”
Amy Louise Wood, “The Criminal and the Social Self: the importance of emotions in early criminology”

VIIIb  Emotion and Religion: Part II, Modern Religious Communities  Josephine Selander, chair

Sarah Angne Alfaro, “Church, Emotions and Place attachment: a case study featuring a place of worship in transition”
Yair Berlin, “Falling in Love with Scripture: the emotional climate of study in the Israeli ultra Orthodox community”
Barbara K. Sain, “Make Ready the Crib of Your Soul: Advent as a time of joyful expectation

Session IX 2:45-4:15

IXa.Early Modern William Reddy, chair

Anna Pravdica, “Letters to the Spectator: an emotional community of early eighteenth-century readers”
Heather Martel, “Warring Emotions: fury and other feelings in the French-Indigenous Recapture of Florida, 1568”
Joy Wiltenburg, “Ridicule, Emotion, and Status at the French Court of the Ancien Regime”

IXb  Emotion and Material and Popular Culture Amy Wood, chair 

Cheryl Harned,  “Emotional Things: the secret lives of collected objects”
Gary Cross, “Getting the Freak Back: camp in middle-class youth rebellion from the 1960s”
Bermarie Rodrigues Pagan, “Romantic Love Serenade: gender representations and heterosexuality normalization”

Session X: 4:30-5:15  Roundtable: Next Steps for the History of Emotions   Panel: Susan Matt, William Reddy, Peter Stearns

Social hour: 5:30-6:30

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