Emotions: History, Culture, Society

Editors: Katie Barclay, Kate De Luna and Giovanni Tarantino

EHCS is dedicated to understanding the emotions as culturally and temporally situated phenomena, and to exploring the role of emotion in shaping human experience and action by individuals, groups, societies, and cultures.

EHCS welcomes theoretically informed work from a range of historical, cultural, and social domains. The journal aims to illuminate (1) the ways emotion is conceptualized and understood in different temporal or cultural settings, from antiquity to the present, and across the globe; (2) the impact emotion on human action and in processes of change; and (3) the influence of emotional legacies from the past on current social, cultural and political practices.

EHCS is interested in multidisciplinary approaches (both qualitative and quantitative), from history, art, literature, languages, music, politics, sociology, cognitive sciences, cultural studies, environmental humanities, religious studies, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, and related disciplines. The journal also invites papers that interrogate the methodological and critical problems of exploring emotions in historical, cultural and social contexts, and the relation between past and present in the study of feelings, passions, sentiments, emotions and affects. Finally, Emotions also accepts theoretically informed and reflective scholarship that explores how scholars access, uncover, construct and engage with emotions in their own scholarly practice.

Following an initial review process by the editors, EHCS send acceptable submissions to two expert independent readers outside the author’s home institution, employing a double-blind review procedure.

EHCS is published by Brill on behalf of the Society for the History of Emotions.

Submissions Guidelines for EHCS

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