Conference 2021 update

Dear Colleagues,

I write concerning the NACHE conference, postponed but currently scheduled for June 2021. This is just an interim note to say that Susan Matt and I are deeply aware of the continuing pandemic challenges and obvious uncertainties. We have decided to hold off for a couple of months making a definite decision but will of course keep you informed; and we do recognize the likelihood is not great.  We are not inclined to substitute a virtual format because of doubts about its effectiveness. Of course if we cancel definitively we will work on refunding conference fees as promptly as possible.

In the meantime and with rueful recognition of the complexities, we would like to encourage some thinking about a NACHE conference for what would have been our normal cycle, June (or early summer) 2022. Despite the pandemic setback, we do believe that the kind of regular gathering we were all counting on will still make sense once greater normalcy returns. To that end, we invite one or more members, perhaps preferably on the east coast, to consider serving as organizational and institutional host, with Susan and I continuing to provide assistance. I hope that one or more of you would be willing to discuss this possibility. Presumably, actual solicitation of panel proposals would begin summer or fall of 2021; we are not launching this effort yet. (But a panel on the (changing?) emotional impacts of contagious disease in modern world history would be an interesting possibility; just saying.)

We are always eager for news, including publication announcements and informal blogs, that can be put on the NACHE website, which I admit has not been active of late.

And we do hope that all of you are as well as can be expected in this challenging time. Again, we will be in touch again in a few weeks.

With best wishes,

Peter Stearns

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