Welcome to the North American Chapter for Historians of Emotion (NACHE)


The purpose of the Chapter is to promote the historical study of emotions, as a means of better understanding the past and the nature of emotions themselves. The Chapter provides some organizational structure for activities in North America, but it is open to membership from any interested scholars and students and promotes the study of a wide variety of chronological periods and geographic regions. The Chapter coordinates with other regional organizations and the Society for the History of Emotion (SHE). Members of the Chapter also have membership in SHE and can receive its journal Emotions: History, Culture, Society at a slightly reduced cost.

Major activities of the Chapter include:

  • organizing a biennial conference (next scheduled for June 2024).
  • sponsoring periodic online colloquia.
  • issuing two newsletters a year, as well as ad hoc posts on the NACHE website.
  • promoting teaching in the history of emotions field, among other things by exchanging syllabi and sponsoring discussions of teaching issues.
  • publicizing new work in the field, by members and others, internally and externally.
  • promoting discussion of research projects in various stages of preparation, by scholars and students alike.
  • updating addresses and biographies for members.

The organizational structure of the Chapter is relatively informal, but executive officers and an advisory council will be appointed at each biennial meeting.

Currently, Susan Matt (Weber State University) and Peter Stearns (George Mason University) serve as co-chairs. Council members, active in various Chapter functions, are: Aleksondra Hultquist (Stockton University); Daniel Kotzin (Medaille College); Kaitlin Pontzer (Cornell University); Anna Pravdica (Warwick University); Caroline Richard (Sorbonne-Universite); and Meghan Woolley (Purdue University)

Membership in NACHE (with attendant membership in SHE for no extra fee) is $50 for tenured faculty, $30 for non-tenured faculty, and $30 for students. Those also wishing a subscription to the journal online, $49 additional ($34 students), roughly a $4. saving though subject to change. (Payments for the journal are arranged separately.) NACHE members will also get a somewhat reduced rate for conference fees.


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