Conference Update Below*****

Dear Colleagues, 

Despite some hopes for a better Covid situation next spring, it really seems prudent to call the conference off at this point. It just would not be sensible to begin making travel arrangements again given the uncertain prospects.
Peter Stearns will arrange refunds of conference fees. The refunds will be by check (unfortunately we simply cannot offer a credit on credit cards); please let Stearns know as soon as possible your preferred mailing address for the refund.
We still plan to arrange a conference for June, 2022. We will do an appropriate announcement next spring or early summer, and obviously hope to see many of you there. We will be soliciting paper proposals at that time, but that can include a resubmission of the proposal you made before if that is still appropriate for you.  We would of course always be glad to post a paper or relevant segment on the NACHE website, should this be of interest to any participant. Let us know, at any point, if you have questions. And please accept our sincere thanks for your interest, and our hopes for your continued good health and spirits.

pexels-photo-935786The new North American Chapter on the History of Emotion is intended to further this exciting field in a region that has not, heretofore, had any particular organizational structure – despite an impressive array of work by individual scholars. NACHEmotion will circulate information about relevant activities in the field – new publications, meetings, other news. It will welcome blogs and other materials of potentially wide interest, disseminating these through the website and directly to members. It will organize periodic conferences – on the model of the successful gathering that occurred in June, 2018: the next North American conference will occur in June, 2020. And the organization is always eager to entertain suggestions for other useful activities and connections, providing some of the same kinds of linkages that have for some time been available in other regions.

NACHEmotion does not intend to develop a particularly elaborate organizational structure – again, the goal is to facilitate contacts and promote work in the field. Initially, the group will be co-chaired by Susan Matt (Weber State) and Peter Stearns (George Mason). NACHEmotion will eagerly work with other regional organizations, disseminating news of their activities as appropriate. And from the outset NACHEmotion fits within the international structure provided by the Society for the History of Emotions; NACHEmotion members are automatically enrolled in the Society with its information network and can subscribe to the Society’s journal.

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